The 1954 split-level Greyhound Scenicruiser bus. It was the first ever bi-level bus with 10 passengers seated on the driver level and 33 up above.
Originally the bus was powered by two rear mounted engines but in 1962 all Greyhound Scenicruisers were refurbished and a new single engine fitted.
The interior has been brought back to life by the original manufacturer who is still in existence. This is exactly how the Scenicruiser looked in 1954.
Relive the 1950s in this classic Greyhound bus. Can you imagine what it must have been like traveling on this classic Scenicruiser.
When new in 1954 the Greyhound Scenicruiser was fitted with air-ride suspension and onboard air conditioning as well as a lavatory to make travel more comfortable.
The slanted windows give the impression of speed, enhancing the sleek design of the Scenicruiser. She also has 90% glare resistant glass and even skylights.
With an aluminium body this is a true American icon. In her day she was described as a "Road-Plane" with a reserved seat service, free pillows, radio and an onboard hostess.
Here on the front seats of the upper deck looking out from the unique split-level Scenicruiser.
The driver would use the new public address system to point out places of interest and generally keep the passengers entertained.